Studio Policies

green-toeClass Rules and Guidelines

  1. Come into the studio quietly. Use an inside voice.
  2. Keep all personal belongings in a cubby in the dressing room.
  3. Place dancing shoes in the front of the classroom while not in use.
  4. Place name in all dancing shoes.
  5. No running in the studio or on the stairs.
  6. Please be considerate at all times. No talking while the teacher is talking. Your full attention is expected at all times, and necessary for you to work at your full potential.
  7. THREE WARNING RULE – If misbehaving or talking without permission in class, the student will receive a warning. After three warnings, the student will be asked to sit down and the parents will be notified. The students should be in class because they wish to excel. Our job is to provide an atmosphere where the students will thrive.
  8. NO ” I CAN’Ts” are allowed. Students are expected to try their hardest and to do their best.
  9. No eating or chewing gum during class.
  10. Please come prepared for class. Each dancer should have their own dance bag with his or her leotard, tights, dance shoes, hair needs, and personal effects.
  11. It is advised to use the restroom prior to class.
  12. We will do our best to create a positive and nurturing environment for your student to learn. Students should be encouraged to participate, stays focused, and enjoy class. Primary students are expected to remain in the classroom during their lesson.